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others took tribute from them, conquered many Muham-
madans, returned to Vidyanagarapattana, and being seated on
the throne set with nine gems, and having attained great fame
from the Himalayas to Setu as Yadukulodbkava, Raja-
marUaitda, R&jagatnbhtra, and Hakarajapujita Krsnaraya
Maharayar, protected the kingdom along with the comman-
der-in- chief Sadasivaraya and performed many pious acts.
He made the sixteen mahadanas such as those of merit and
svarna and attained Vaikuntha in S 14(5?)0. Details of the gift
of land made to Paccima Raiigasvami by Arikerasayyar of
Srirangapattanam in Saka 1429, with the permission of

&r! Krsnarayar made an order on the auspicious occasion
of the lunar eclipse on the full rnoon day in the bright half
of Magha in the cyclic year Parthiva corresponding to
Saka 1445 near the temple of Virupaksa on the banks of the
Tuiigabliadra for the worship, offerings and festivals of Q-od
Krsjnasvami of Udayagiri to Imniadi Tatacarya, son of
Tatacarya and grandson of Vedamurti Tirumalai Tatacarya,
that he may collect from the Kammas of the town belonging
to thirty-seven gotras at the rate of a varahan a year, as also
from people performing marriage at the rate of one pa$am for
tie girl and one panam for the boy.

The duration of the reign of Krsnaraya (is) 87 years,

n Caritram, Madras Gevt. Or. Mff. Lib. 16-6-9 ff.  84- £.

114(0).    CAPTURE OF BlDAB.
A^. B. — These two verses were composed by the court poets of KrsnadSvarSya. in
commemoration of his capture of Bidar. The first is attributed to the
poet laureate Ailasani Peddana and the other is anonymous.
Peddana describes in the first verse the war cries of the
fierce Mnssalman soldiers of Bedadakota (Bidar) who were
slain by Krsnaraya in battle, even on their journey to heaven.
The second describes the effects of the sound of Kr§naraya's
drums of victory, which rent the heart of the ladies ofBe^ada-
kota (by reporting to them the death of their lords in battle) ; the